“Their new album, American Miserablist, is a really wonderful mashup of so many influences.  It’s punkish Americana that at one moment can sound like Uncle Tupelo…and then early Green Day the next moment, and then the Hold Steady after that.”
Song Spotters Podcast @ 29:10

“Free Kittens & Bread is a talented, genuine, and ambitious group that is leaving music fans nodding their heads wherever they go. Big things are surely in store.”

“Though the band’s true strength lies in their short but sweet tunes (which don’t feel rushed), the band excels in their more run of the mill tunes as well…They prove themselves versatile in producing songs that give off that Goldilocks “just right” vibe – even if the lyrics are sad.”
Tuned Up

“Band with an amazing name and a lot of curly haired dudes. Their new song Brainless is an instant indie punk classic.”
Bearded Punk

“One of our favorite things about this band is how painfully honest their lyrics are”

“An infectious toe tapping head bobber, [and a] punky folk country mashup that’s hard to beat”
Aimless Skylarking