Austin.Com American Miserablist Review

“With an album of this quality under their belts, Free Kittens & Bread has established the fundamentals for success in music. Free Kittens & Bread is a talented, genuine, and ambitious group that is leaving music fans nodding their heads wherever they go. Big things are surely in store.”

Thanks for the kind words Austin.Com!

You can find the full review here:

April 2016 Tour!!!

Right when we drop the new album, we’re hitting the road!  You can find out more info on this facebook event page.  Come to the show if we’re dropping by a city near you.  For once, we might actually have free kittens & bread – no guarantees though, prices subject to vary, and apocalypse more likely by the day.


New Album April 1st!

Here’s a sneak preview to the cover of our album coming out April 1st when we also launch our central U.S. tour! Keep an eye out! AmericanMiserablistCover