Free Kittens & Bread was founded as an acoustic solo project in the small town of Princeton, TX inside Chase Spruiell’s unairconditioned shed in the middle of summer.  After recording Recluse (2013) he moved to Austin where the full band took shape with bass, guitar (Mark Hawley), and drums.  Every show produces high energy punk music mingled with the heart of old folk tunes.

Following the tail end of their Recluse tour, the band released their EP entitled Puppet (2014). The record was met with reviews as “an infectious toe tapping head bobber,” and a “punky folk country mashup that’s hard to beat” (Aimless Skylarking).  After the return from their “Somewhere Warmer” winter tour and the following West coast summer tour, the band released their first full length, American Miserablist, on April 1st then immediately set out on a U.S. tour.  Their latest single, “Brainless,” has been called an “instant punk classic” (Bearded Punk).  The band is currently working on new material, preparing for a tour in early 2017, and they will likely be around until the universe contracts, tearing everything and everyone apart.

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