Free Kittens & Bread is hitting the road January — March for a full US tour!  With plans to play in well over thirty cities in seven weeks, they’ve taken just a moment’s rest before kicking it up a notch since their most recent West Coast tour in November.

The band was formed in early 2013, starting out as Chase Spruiell’s acoustic solo project before morphing into the four-piece indie rock band it is today.  Known internationally for consistently high energy punk shows mixed with the heart of old folk tunes, the band have gathered a steady community looking out for their next dates and new releases.  Their single “Brainless” from their first full length, American Miserablist, has been called an “instant indie punk classic”(Bearded Punk).

Free Kittens & Bread is currently working on a new 2018 album and have a handful of new, unreleased songs they plan to showcase at the upcoming shows.  With the majority of the band being native Texans, touring members Chase Spruiell, Gabe Garcia, Kaci Taylor, and Clint Sonnier’s main hope for the winter tour is to not freeze to death.  After this tour the band will continue recording the next album and begin planning the next tours, and will likely be together until the universe contracts, tearing everything and everyone apart.

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